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A lifelong explorer of natural healing methods, Beverly A. Jensen, Ph.D., came of age on Okinawa and has lived and worked in countries around the world for over 30 years where she both learned and taught healthy behaviors. After overcoming two autoimmune diseases using homeopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr. Jensen founded a website in 2003 directed towards American women to provide education and information on natural healing systems and botanical solutions to health challenges

Women have traditionally been the healers, and they still are the family’s health decision makers.

Dr. Jensen is the author of the forthcoming book, 21st Century Wellness Rx: Self-care to Treat & Cure Chronic Disease. A certified health coach, Dr. Jensen’s doctorate is in communication from the University of Washington. She’s an international speaker and trainer in healthy behaviors.

Americans rely on pharmaceuticals far more than any other nation. However, preventing and curing chronic diseases requires natural treatments and lifestyle changes, complemented by new technologies.

A life-time of experience using herbal remedies, food as medicine, homeopathy, and body treatments including chiropractic, Bowen, Shiatsu and Swedish massage, Rolfing, reflexology, Tai Chi, and yoga.

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Host: Roy Richards

The notion that once we reach middle age our best years are behind us is utter hogwash! The secret is to filter the idealism of youth through the lenses of adult experience, a winning combination. Wake up! It is time to remove layers of self-doubt and to recapture positive emotions. Join host Roy Richards and guests as they confront common midlife career, lifestyle and relationship challenges and point the way to a brighter tomorrow.

Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age

Roy Richards & Dr. Beverly Jensen

Environmental Directions with Nancy Pearlman Interview

by Beverly Jensen

Articles by Dr. Beverly

Questioning the Rollout of 5G

Reprinted with permission from USA Today Magazine, January 2021, Copyright 2021 by the Society for the Advancement of Education, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

EMR Wake-Up Call

Reprinted with permission from USA Today Magazine, March 2021, Copyright 2021 by the Society for the Advancement of Education, Inc. All Rights Reserved. #PracticeSafeTech, #EMFSafety, #screeentime, #kidsandtechnology, #EMFMomAlert, #EMFprotection

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