Parents: Join 5G Crisis National Action Day May 15

The telecom companies never wanted us to find the WARNING in the cell phone manuals (required by the 1996 FCC regulation) to keep the phone away from our bodies. Now it’s up to parents and the public to demand safety tests (or reports) on 5G technology BEFORE it’s rolled out. When the city of Berkeley, California, passed a law in 2015 requiring retail sellers of cell phones to boldly post this warning buried in the manuals, the telecom industry sued the city. (Now the notice is required throughout the state.) The U.S. federal limits on permissible radiation levels was devised by engineers (not doctors or scientists) over 20 years ago and is well known to be years out of date with the multiplying antennas (17k in ’96 and 210k in 2016). With each generation of the cell technology the radiation increased 10-100 fold. Currently, the US has the highest permissible levels of radiation on the planet–100x what’s permitted in China and Russia, just to name two countries. 5G will emit Microwave radiation on every city block  The 5G network is not an upgrade from 4G but a whole new level of radiation– microwave, pulsed radiation which is known to be far more destructive to human health than current electromagnetic radiation. And 5G will be 6,000 times more radiation than 4G. Recently unclassified documents from military files tell the frightening consequences of microwave technology. The harmful effects of this technology on children is much more rapid and probably irreversible–no one has experimented on children previously. And that’s what the roll-out of 5G is–a huge experiment on humanity.  Join Rallies at Telecom Offices Join in the rallies on May 15 in your community–or organize one–quickly! Inform yourself of what is planned in your neighborhood–unless the public intervenes. The court in California has ruled that communities in that state can determine whether they’re going to allow the millions of small cell dishes to beam microwaves in their communities. At the local and state levels, we can make a powerful impact and halt this insanity. On May 15, already more than 90 local organizations across the USA are on board to participate in simultaneous rallies in front of retail wireless establishments, to raise awareness about the dangers of 5G.Here’s how you can participate:1. Go HERE see the map & connect with a local group…or go HERE to start a new group 2. Make it viral! Share their website YouTube Video Share this info with everyone in your circles. The U.S. mainstream media isn’t discussing the health risks of this technology, only the business and profits of it. The federal government isn’t halting this–it will either be public action or a class action case in a world court

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