Detoxifying the grandkids’ lives

My youngest daughter gave birth this week to her second child, a 10# baby boy (gender kept unknown until birth!). He is the first grand SON on both sides of the family so everyone is delighted. While I am very thankful for a healthy mom and baby, I am oh-so-grateful for all that my daughter does in this age to provide the safest, healthiest environment she can for her children to grow and thrive. Babies born in the U.S. have been found to have traces of 200-300 chemicals in their blood. Eating organically and no processed foods since she was 15 won’t have protected her children from all the chemicals, but it surely keeps them healthier. Her cabinets are stocked with homeopathic remedies for teething, colds, etc., so the children aren’t given chemical medicines. She learned that wearing a necklace of Baltic amber reduces teething pain and drooling which leads to ear infections during months of teething. The first born has never suffered an ear infection, and all but one tooth is in. Her brother will be wearing the necklace in a few months. Grandpa hauled on the plane an organic crib mattress from the US to their home in Thailand. Toys are limited to wood, fabric, bamboo, anything but plastics. Electronics in the household are limited to one laptop, one smart phone, and one cell. These children will not be gazing upon, much less playing with, electronic devices for many years. A 10-minute episode of “Word Play” on Netflix with Grandma is a major event—and concession—to electronics. (It’s permissible because she practices new words!) Vaccinations are carefully weighed. Hep B at birth was nixed (physicians worldwide follow the schedule of the CDC, so moms everywhere have to stay informed). The MMR was separated and administered individually, and the schedule delayed. These are weighed even more carefully given their international locations. (The book, The Vaccine-Friendly Plan by Dr. Paul Thomas, an integrative-medicine pediatrician in Portland, Oregon, is a sensible, sane program for childhood immunity and vaccinations.) Current statistics are that 46 percent of children in the US have chronic diseases. This is a national tragedy that we haven’t begun to address as a nation. The chronic diseases of American adults (one in two adults have at least one chronic disease) and of our children are due to the toxic stew of chemicals we live in—in our food supply, the air we breathe, our water supply, medicines, our homes and their furnishings, and the e-smog of all the wireless devices that pervade our lives. And studies of the pollutants in homes usually find the children’s room the most polluted room in the house due to toxicity of plastics and electronics and lack of air circulation. Detoxifying your life is a chapter in my forthcoming book, The 21st Century Rx: Self-care. Watch for more news related to the book. In the meantime, get a head start on detoxifying your life and detoxifying your kids’ lives with this series starting next week. A docu-series is starting June 25 on detoxifying your home and your life. You or, statistically, someone in your life would gain from this. The Toxic Home Transformation Summit starts on Monday, June 25th [Register for free now!], and you’ll learn from experts how to ensure your home is the healthiest place you can make it. Copy and paste this link to enroll. Salud! Beverly

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