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Our Exclusive Courses

Changing Food Habits-Organic Eating

“You are what you eat” is true, and the chemical load in our food supply is causing exponential problems in our electromagnetic world. Some 36% of Americans now have Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS). Choosing live foods, cooking it yourself, and changing eating habits will lead to an all-around improvement in your health. This course leads you to living the ‘BBC-3″ rule: any edible in a Box, Bag, or Can may have no more than 3 ingredients and they’re all recognizable as food.

Radically Reducing Your EMF Exposure.

 You’ve suspected you need to take steps to protect yourself and the family from EMF but you didn’t know quite how to do so. This is a crash course— after you’ve done the prep work, dedicate 3 hours–clear the calendar, turn off all devices– to take an assessment of your space and your habits to radically reduce EMF in your life. The course activities will bring family members together to discuss your device habits and to create some rules of the house for everyone’s improved safety.

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