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A few weeks ago I posted on a local Facebook groups a commentary on the 5G network and a link to this comprehensive article on the dangers of 5G: https://eluxemagazine.com/magazine/dangers-of-5g/

One thoughtful commentary on the article from the FB group was, “If this were true, and mothers knew that their children were about to be zapped with microwaves, they were tear the doors off the hinges at lawmakers’ offices to stop this.”  Yes, we would tear the doors off—if we knew what is planned.

When I attempted to boost the post Jan. 12 on the Facebook page of my natural health website see https://www.facebook.com/Womens-Medicine-Bowl-249935878832186/

Facebook censored the boost, saying “This is a topic of national and political importance you are not authorized to (discuss).”  Well, it’s of national and international importance—that’s right, but the mainstream mass media isn’t covering this vital subject. The New York Times didn’t report this week that the city of Brussels has said NO to 5G! And Italy is talking about refusing to raise radiation levels to permit 5G.

“The free flow of information is the currency of democracy,” Ralph Nader, auto safety activist.

Last November Congress authorized another 7,000+ rockets to be launched carrying satellites into the lower atmosphere of the earth to beam high-frequency millimeter wave (MMW) onto the planet. This is microwave technology. The telecom plan is for 20,000 satellites to blanket the entire globe so that every hectare of ocean, jungle, plains, and mountain is covered. And over 4,000 are already in place. The technology requires many more transmitters on the ground located close to people’s homes and workplaces.

This technology is emitting the same heavy dose of radiation as airport scanners, and it’s the microwave technology the military uses for crowd-control. It makes the skin of unruly protestors burn. Over 90% of microwave radiation is absorbed by the epidermis and dermis layers, which act like an absorbing sponge for microwave radiation. See this letter from Dr. Yael stein of Jerusalem’s Hebrew University to the FCC https://ehtrust.org/letter-fcc-dr-yael-stein-md-opposition-5g-spectrum-frontiers/.

The public has hardly begun to pay attention to the effects of the 3G and 4G networks. And now a much graver threat is looming with the 5G network.

The warning to keep your cell phone 5 to 15cm from your body is buried somewhere in the manuals. It should have been on the box cover. When the city of Berkley, California, passed an ordinance requiring prominent posting of this warning where the technology is sold, telecom sued. Now the warning notices are being posted state-wide in California, and California communities are going to be able to discuss and independently decide on whether to allow the 5G antennas in their community.

That’s how your voices can be heard—at local city council meetings. Neighbors should be talking about permitting these antennas in their ‘hood. This is a critical topic requiring everyone’s attention–because it WILL IMPACT YOU.

The earth’s own electromagnetic field will be effected by these satellites, and all forms of life on earth–plants, birds, insects, animals–will suffer at the cellular level.

Steps you can take to protect your children and their parents:

Inform yourself of the health hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) or Fields (EMF). Read the story of  Lloyd Burrell, founder of www.ElectricSense.com when you sign up for “10 Uncommon Secrets for Living a Naturally Healthy Life in our Electromagnetic World.”

Buy a good quality radiation detector—spend more and share it with your family and your neighbors. Electromagnetic Sensitivity is a very real health issue—not all in your head because the MD cannot diagnose it. And even when we don’t FEEL any reaction to the EMF we’re continually bathed in, the effects are CUMULATIVE.

Say NO to the utility company installing a “Smart” meter. See HOW to do this in this video by Josh del Sol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFRkSj2QT60#action=share .  Josh set out to help a friend who became very ill after installation of a Smart Meter in her home, and he made this crisis his cause, see https://InPowerMovement.com. Watch the film of his discovery journey and frightening reasons to say NO at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2uMfx-FsJiE#action=share .

Don’t buy ANY “Smart” appliances—TV, heater, toaster, fridge, anything with a chip in it. These are intended to collect data on all your private actions via the Smart Meter (which you’re going to refuse or return to the electric utility company). 5G is only for surveillance of the populace in order to sell the data—which really won’t matter if we’re all sick or deceased.

Move your WiFi Router to the least-used room in your home. Put a timer on it so it shuts off at night or during the day if no one’s using it. If you can, hardwire Wifi into the home and avoid wireless devices—baby monitor, Bluetooth speakers, wireless keyboard or mouse.

Cell phone use—NEVER, ever put it against your head to talk (use an Air Tube, ear buds, or Speaker), and don’t carry it in your pocket or your bra. It does cause cancer. Research has shown 24 hours of cell conversation equals 1,600 chest x-rays. Text or keep conversations short. Use a land-line. Remember those? It’s in  storage?

Use a HaraPad under your laptop, tablet and cell phone to protect you from EMF, Wifi and Bluetooth, it’s military-grade protection. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=harapad+emf&crid=3O0WWHOP1TRKR&sprefix=HaraPad%2Caps%2C143&ref=nb_sb_ss_i_5_7

We can heal ourselves from EMF (but maybe not 5G), and we can make these devices safer.

This series is part of my forthcoming book: 21st Century Wellness Rx: Health Hacks to Treat, Cure, & Prevent Chronic Dis-ease