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Getting Fried by WiFi in Airplanes

Since 9/11 the security protocols at airports have made flying stressful.

Now sometime in the past two years, flying has become life-threatening. In beautiful, comfortable new aircraft passengers (and the flight crews!) are being zapped by the non-ionizing radiation of WiFi.

Having internet access while en route on flights isn’t the danger when it’s WIRED, as it is in Boeing’s Dreamliner. It’s the WIRELESS technology that’s endangering. Yet it’s now being beamed through on most airlines. Whether it’s being used by passengers depends on, in part, whether it costs extra or is free.

In the tech press, the availability of WiFi on aircraft is focused on its availability, and whether it’s “safe” has nothing to do with the health of passengers and crews but whether your data is vulnerable on these networks.

But an enclosed metal container, whether subway, elevator, train car, auto or aircraft, is perhaps the worst environment for Radio Frequency contamination. The device is continually searching for the next tower, and RF is bouncing around the enclosure from every source in the container.

Lloyd’s of London declared in 2015 that the science shows conclusively that wireless technology causes non-ionizing radiation. Lloyd’s, the bellwether of the industry, announced that they are not covering health claims due to wireless devices in ordinary policies, and the entire insurance industry has followed.

To review some of the science that the insurance industry followed, see the German data bank of global Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) research showing the biological effects of Radio Frequencies (RF) and EMF. Over 36k studies are posted at It’s in English and German. There’s also the science and resources at the Environmental Health Trust, And I have published magazine articles, blogs, and interviews at

Radiation from wireless will cause tumors, cancers, and disabling diseases eventually in everyone who’s exposed. “Long-latency” it’s called in the industry. The younger the exposure, the sooner the disease.

Like asbestos, if you’re exposed to Wireless devices, you will experience illness. And nearly everyone living in the USA today is exposed to this pollutant.

On flights longer than two hours, the majority of passengers will go to sleep soon after take-off. For most others, a flight is a break from their daily stressors, and they look for entertainment. Very few need to continue “to receive and send messages” while en route.

Give us a break! Flying should be a get- away- from- it- all experience. Because much of the population has their face on a screen hours of the day, companies shouldn’t conclude that we want more of the same on a flight.

It’s harmful to our mental and physical health to sit for hours with Radio Frequencies beaming over every seat. For the estimated five percent of the population who are already sensitive to the radiation, this exposure in the plane cabin is life-threatening. And some 30 percent of the population is suffering from ElectroMagnetic Sensitivity and don’t know the cause of their health issues.

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