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For many months my youngest daughter, who chose to go vegetarian at age 15 (17 years ago) and who has robust health, has been badgering me to watch the film What the Health.

“But I already know that the American Institutes that are supposedly helping Americans with Diabetes, Heart Disease, Breast Cancer, all Cancers are in the pockets of the industries that CAUSE the diseases,” I pleaded my reluctance.

However, now two-thirds of Americans are overweight and one in two adults (117 million) have at least one chronic disease (CDC figures). The U.S. spends $1.5 trillion per year on chronic diseases (the GDP of the 10th richest country), AND these diseases–heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity, cancer, and arthritis–are all preventable AND reversible.

It’s well documented that the chiefs in the CDC vaccine program are on a revolving door from the pharmaceutical industry. (No wonder that the number of vaccines given to children has risen from the 16 my children had in the 1980s to 69 doses by age 18 in 2018.) And In The China Project, the conflicts of interest between food industry consultants, the academy, and those who set up government advisory boards (the Food Pyramid, etc.) are documented and perpetrators named.

So I watched the film a few days ago. I’m still haunted by it. I didn’t realize that the American Diabetes Association, just one example, posts recipes that sells their sponsors’ products which are found in research studies to be detrimental to the health of diabetes patients. And the president of the American Heart Association (age 52) recently suffered a heart attack, which doesn’t fall favorably on the AHA’s dietary guidelines either.

We saw in 2015 what two-weeks of eating only organic food  did to the toxin levels in one Swedish family.


Yea, yea, the pesticide industry sued the sponsors because the film-makers hadn’t measured the pesticides used in organic farming. Really? Organic farming, especially in the US, has its issues but no sane person can argue that our usual chomps of chemical-laden foods are healthier.

After two weeks of eating only plants–no animal products–three patients in the What the Health film who were so obese they could hardly walk and were taking a basket full of drugs, were off the drugs, dropped weight, and looked and felt like different beings.¬† Two weeks!

I don’t use any pharmas and don’t have any chronic ailments but I’ve lost my taste for eating meat. Last night I threw out the rest of the grass-fed Australian ground beef. At $19/kilo, I’ll save money. No, I don’t live in the US, and I haven’t seen cattle feed lots in any other country. But I’ve lost my taste for meat, though I’m not ready to give up cheese and eggs.

Putting in a subscription for the recipe magazine, Vegetarian Times. I’ll let you know how this goes.

A Sante!

Beverly, Selfcare Maven, Health Coach