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Since 2003, this website has promoted natural health practices, healthy eating, and natural healing methods. In the last 10 years, humanity has increasingly been exposed to a pollutant we can’t hear, see, or smell but is seriously impacting our mental and physical health. Indeed, it’s harming all living things on the planet.

I’m talking about Electromagnetic Radiation or Electromagnetic Fields. But while shielding ourselves from EMR is a crucial first step, reaching optimal health requires a whole lot more.

In the U.S., over 80,000 chemicals have been unleashed in our environment, manufactured into household furnishings, clothing, toys, additives to processed food, fertilizers and pesticides in crops, contaminated ground water, chemical medicines, vaccines (69 by age 18 in the US), then add the gene-altering mRNA vaccines with untested outcomes.

All of this bad news, the social isolation we suffered during the pandemic, and dramatic weather/climate events combine to deflate us spiritually and physically. This column (and the Newsletter) aims to brighten the day with some good news while delivering news from varied sources to guide you in healthier choices in your life.

In its roundup of stories relevant to Children’s Health, the Defender staff reprinted this from The Washington Post. Our children are the most vulnerable to harm by arrested development, for one, from electronic devices.

Babies Need People, Not Devices. Stop Giving Them Screen Time.

The Washington Post reported:

Smartphones, tablets, and other digital distractions draw the attention of babies and caregivers away from one another to whatever beckons from a screen. It’s hopeful news that government officials are calling for regulations on tech companies’ marketing to children and adolescents. But the public discourse often leaves out products aimed at babies and toddlers, despite a growing body of research demonstrating that, for children younger than 2, hours of screen time can harm their physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development.

Psychiatric Drugs or Vitamin B12?

Before accepting a diagnosis of ADHD and taking the drug route, have your child’s levels of Vitamin B12 checked. Deficiency in B12 has been associated with a wide range of psychological disorders—schizophrenia, depression—and neurological issues.
Share this information with friends and family who are vaccinating the children. Giving kids an incorrect dose (always too much!) apparently hasn’t been unusual.

FDA Issues Alert on Wrong COVID Vaccine Doses for Children

The FDA issued an alert to health care providers about COVID-19 vaccine doses. vaccine-doses-for-children-5522549
We are advising healthcare providers who administer the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine to
individuals six months through 11 years of age to ensure that the correct volume of the
vaccine is withdrawn from the vial so that the correct dose is administered to the vaccine
recipient," the FDA alert said.

I am a life-long journalist who still subscribes to the role of the media as the 4th branch of government, whose job is to keep surveillance over the environment and report the world’s and community’s affairs for the public’s good. The Epoch Times is one media source who shares the same values. I recommend subscribing online to get all the news that’s relevant to your health and our democratic freedoms. I have no affiliation with the organization, only a subscriber.

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