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If you’re thinking your water out of the tap is “just fine” you might want to reconsider. When the Environmental Working Group (EWG—one of my favorite nonprofits working hard for our health) analyzed 32 million water records from across the U.S., the results were shocking. Out of some 50,000 utilities studied, 45,000 detected contaminants linked to cancer. And 10,000 community water systems detected higher lead concentrations than what the American Academy of Pediatrics called safe for children. And bottled water? A study of 250 brands in nine countries found plastic particles in every single one of them.

My family has found the Berkey Water Filter system to be economical, easy to use and far more effective than pitcher filters. At www.ewg.org/tapwater you can type in your zip code and find out the real story on your local tap water.

EMF Meter

Measure & Shield @ LessEMF

While there are a few things we can do to heal from Electromagnetic Radiation, nothing is more important than avoiding exposure and shielding from the frequencies.

The meters sold at LessEMF.com make it possible to sniff out the source of the offending frequencies, and shielding of your body, bed, whole house or windows—all materials are offered at this site—offering protection from EMF since 1986. Meters also display evidence of the frequencies that are causing harm when you need to persuade those you love (or work with!).

I’ve purchased and still use many of their products and will recommend them in my posts—or you can write to me regarding my experience with a product or class of products. Expert staff are also available on the phone (landlines—not cells!)