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As in every area of family health, it’s the Woman of the household who is listening and taking stock of the family’s use of electronic devices. Unless the
man is already having health issues that he suspects are due to wireless devices, it’s Mom who calls for help!

Get Started—Assess the Exposure/Use of Devices

Take an Inventory of Who in the home is using what devices

Where are they being used? How many hours/day? Have children (over age 12, hopefully) and adults keep their own Diary of Electronics Usage (EU).
Children who begin using wireless electronics at younger ages are 500x more likely to have cancer in 20 years, scientists predict. Your children are the experiment!

Hold a Family Conference

Watch together the film Generation Zapped and/or the Netflix documentary The Social Media Dilemma. Pause the film and discuss together what you’re learning, hear the thoughts/feelings/experiences of each one. They may express concerns that had been unspoken previously.
More than 40 States have filed lawsuits against Meta for concealing how the FB and Instagram platforms exploit and manipulate youth, harming “the mental and physical health of our nation’s youth.” 10/2023

Buy a RF meter to discover sources of
EMF or NIR in your home and lives

Without a meter, even those who are knowledgeable about sources will miss 50% of sources—this has been the experience of an EMF-remediation engineer with 30+ years’ experience. This is a budget RF meter recommended by engineers in this field, here. It’s an excellent start. You may decide you also need the meters to measure Electricity and Magnetic fields—they’re all problematic in these years.
Living in this decade without at least an RF meter is like living without a toothbrush—it will harm your health

Set Household Rules & Boundaries for use of devices

In a family conference decide 1) in which rooms what devices will be used, 2) time-restrictions—decide how much time each individual needs to or is allowed to be on devices. Visitors to the home—do you want them to leave phones and devices on Airplane Mode in a Faraday bag or a basket at the front door? (Otherwise, they’re bringing NIR into the home.)
It’s a very different experience for children to spend time with friends when whatever they say or do is NOT going to be put out on social media

Get Wired and Shield devices

Now it’s time to consider whether you can hardwire your home with fiber optic cable instead of using a WiFi Router to beam NIR through the house. If you own the property, this is the best option, and that project is beyond the scope of this paper. What everyone can do is Shield the Router and use Ethernet cords to computers, a telephone (land-line type just using the internet instead of copper wires), speakers, and all other wireless devices, including Bluetooth

Tame the Router

It should be placed in the least-used room, not the Living Room or anyone’s bedroom. Since they’re in varying sizes and shapes, the easiest, cheapest method of shielding a router is to buy a roll of aluminum screening material at the hardware store (be certain it’s aluminum, not a plastic imitation). Wrap up the router like a gift package, 2 or 3 layers of screen and use a light wire (soldering wire) to close the top and bottom. Any scissors can cut a slit for cords. I have reduced the radiation levels by 97% using this, and there was still enough connectivity for upper and lower floors of the home.

Bedrooms as Sanctuary

It is during sleep that the body, especially the brain, is restored and rejuvenated. If you don’t have good sleep, you don’t get to GO. And more than 70 million Americans have sleep disturbances. Get a battery-operated alarm clock for the nightstand—no cell phone for a clock! Remove all electronics from the bedroom, including chargers—nada in everyone’s sleep sanctuary. In case there’s faulty wiring in the walls, move headboards 6-8” from the wall. (An Electricity meter would measure this—another project.)

Neighbourhood Pollutants

Much of the NIR in your home may be coming from the neighbors. And as you clean up and improve your exposure in your home and life, you may want to or need to talk with the neighbors. Share the screen material with 3-4 neighbors—you’ll have plenty! My heaviest exposure to NIR that had the longest-lasting impact was from a neighbor’s router 10 feet across the yard. Only a meter would have discovered that for me!
Film on Windows can reduce or totally block outside sources, see choices here. If you live in an older building without fiber optic cable, everyone has a router, and you have dozens of networks available on your phone or computer, shielding your family is more complex—a project beyond the scope here.

Grounding or Earthing

Grounding or Earthing. The earth’s soil has negative ions which effectively balance us when we’re charged with NIR. Spending time in a safe outdoors area calms the spirit which has the effect of calming the physical body. Note that the materials of most shoes today block that transference –go barefoot, leather soles, or sit on the ground to gain the healing effects of Mother Earth. After long flights and hours in airports, I spend hours/day for 3-4 days on an (untreated) lawn or on the beach to restore balance. Get children off screens and send them outdoors to play.

Prevention is always better than cure.

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are generated by various electronic devices and power sources. While the effects of EMFs on human health are still a subject of scientific debate, if you want to reduce your exposure to EMFs, here are some steps you can take:

1. Keep a distance: Maintain a reasonable distance from electronic devices that emit EMFs. The intensity of EMFs decreases significantly as you move away from the source, so try to keep a safe distance whenever possible.

2. Limit cell phone use: Cell phones emit EMFs, especially when in use. Reduce your exposure by keeping your cell phone away from your body when not in use. Use speakerphone, wired headsets, or Bluetooth devices to keep the phone away from your head.

4. Opt for wired connections: Whenever possible, choose wired connections over wireless ones. For example, use wired internet connections instead of Wi-Fi, and use wired headphones or earphones instead of Bluetooth devices.

5. Create distance from electrical sources: Ensure that your living or working space is organized in a way that minimizes your exposure to EMFs. Keep electronic devices like televisions, computers, and routers away from areas where you spend a lot of time, such as your bed or desk.

6. Turn off devices when not in use: Switch off electronic devices when they are not actively being used. This reduces the amount of EMFs emitted and also conserves energy.

7. Use shielding products: There are various EMF shielding products available, such as cases for cell phones or laptop shields, that claim to reduce exposure to EMFs. However, the effectiveness of these products is still debated, so do thorough research before investing in them.

EMF stands for Electromagnetic Fields. They are a form of radiation that arises from various sources, including natural sources like the sun and the Earth’s magnetic field, as well as human-made sources such as power lines, electrical devices, wireless communication systems, and household appliances.

Humans can be affected by EMF in several ways. The impact of EMF on individuals can vary depending on factors such as the strength and duration of exposure, the frequency of the electromagnetic waves, and individual sensitivity. Some people may experience symptoms and health effects due to EMF exposure, while others may not be affected at all.

Symptoms that individuals attribute to EMF exposure vary widely and are subjective. Commonly reported symptoms include:
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Sleep disturbances
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Concentration and memory issues
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Skin rashes or tingling sensations
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Sensitivity to light and sound
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Anxiety or irritability


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