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Reduce your WiFi Exposure during COVID19 Quarantine at Home

With schools closed –maybe classes being held online—and parents telecommuting from home, we’re at risk for more exposure to our home electronics than usual. But don’t huddle the family around WiFi electronics during this homestay. During an ordinary day, children—and their parents—depend upon WiFi usually more than is healthy for minimizing exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF or EMRadiation). With everyone having to remain in or near the home for a few weeks, the exposure to the radiation from our home electronics has dramatically risen. While there is little discussion in the general public sphere on the health impacts of our use of electronics, that’s no indication of the gravity of the situation. Lloyd’s of London, the bellwether of the insurance industry, decided in 2015 that there was ample scientific evidence of the non-ionizing radiation effects of cell phones (and all wireless devices) on humans. Since then the insurance industry excludes coverage in their policies for health consequences of EMF; cell phone radiation is treated as a pollutant similar to asbestos. This radiation is a pollutant that we can’t see or smell but we (and our pets) will eventually all feel. When you develop a sensitivity to the EMF it can be in the form of headaches; burning, crawling skin; heart palpitations, tingling hands on the keyboard, and a myriad of other symptoms. And that’s just the beginning of far more serious health problems.
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Radiation leads to Chronic Disease

What is non-ionizing radiation? Research from around the world has shown that low-frequency microwave radiation activates voltage-gated calcium channels (VGCCs) in the outer membrane of our cells. When activated, the VGCCs open up and allow an excessive amount of calcium ions into the cell. This increased calcium activates nitric oxide which leads to a pathway of oxidative destruction—and that leads to all sorts of health problems and surely is a factor in the explosive growth of chronic disease since 1990. All of our complaints—“I don’t sleep well”- “My memory isn’t what it used to be”- “I’m anxious (or depressed) all the time”—“I can’t concentrate”—are the effects of electromagnetic fields. And a health report on the millennial generation from Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) in April 2019 confirms that it’s not just you or your friends suffering these neuro disorders. The BCBS Association report on the health of millennials, those born between the early 1980s and mid-‘90s, analyzed data for 55 million commercially insured millennials, about 75% of the generation.

The study found a sharp decline in health begins around age 27, and over half the generation (54%) has been diagnosed with at least one chronic illness.

For eight of 10 health conditions, millennials are experiencing double-digit increases. Of the top 10 health problems, six are behavioral and mental health conditions (major depression, psychotic conditions, substance use disorders and hyperactivity), and four are physical—hypertension, high cholesterol, Crohn’s disease/ulcerative colitis, and type 2 diabetes. Behavioral health conditions affect millennials more than the US population as a whole, and their health bill is larger than the older boomers, their parents. In 2020, 90 percent of healthcare dollars in the U.S. is spent on chronic diseases.

Actions to Reduce Exposure at Home

Living without the convenience our electronics give us is quite unimaginable. And we don’t have to forgo them altogether. It’s a matter of wired vs. wireless, keeping them at safe distances from our bodies, and banning all electronics from the bedroom because safe sleep is critical for recovery from the day.

Here’s 8 Tips to Keep Safe these weeks at home:

1. Move the Wifi router out of the common living area. Move it to the least used room, away from living and sleeping areas. The more distance you can put between the router and the people you love, the healthier everyone will be. Use Ethernet cords and wire the computer/s to the router if possible. Netgear models N750, N900, and AC1200 are routers with switchable Wifi. Trendnet 4-Port Broadband Router has no Wifi. Wired electronics are safest. If you’re going to live with the Wifi router, order a cage to cover it and reduce the radiation waves. Signal Tamer from reduces the radiation by 90-95%. For less than $40 you can cut the radiation and not lose any speed or strength; outside the US the emission standards are typically 1/10th to 1/100th of those in North America.

2. Hold a family conference to discuss everyone’s computer usage needs. Make a schedule with everyone’s “requirements” for classes or job and “wishes” for entertainment. With this daily activity calendar, block out time periods when the router is turned OFF. That’s right. If it’s not necessary, turn it off.

3. The family conference is a good time to determine at what hour the internet will be AUTOMATICALLY turned off every night. You can buy a device and set it to shut it off so no one has the task to remember.

4. No electronics allowed in anyone’s bedroom. You may not recognize your child after two nights’ sleep without Wifi in their bedroom! This has been the case where there have been serious behavioral issues. During sleep our brain cleans out “debris”, puts short-term memories into long-term files, and generally reconfigures itself. This glymphatic system works mainly during sleep so when that nightly restoration is disrupted by pulsing radio-frequencies in the room, no one sleeps well, and the brain cannot restore itself.

5. Cell phones during the day should be parked together in one location, preferably where the family rarely gathers. Have everyone let their friends know that they will not be continually available for cell phone conversations. This may be a challenge for everyone, but it will be very unhealthy to have several cell phones continually beaming in the house close by (or ON!) everyone’s body. Put them on Airplane Mode until the agreed upon phone-conversation hour. There are also shields to park around cell phones that need to be left on for work. Whole new family behavior modes could be started!

6. Cell phone MAXIM: Keep it away from your body! Not in your pants pocket, fellows (over 200 studies show it does “cook” your sperm), not in your bra, gals (in does cause breast cancer), and don’t hold it against your head to talk– cases of glioma brain tumors doubled in the UK between 1995 and 2005, and the WHO classified radiation from our electronics as class 2B carcinogen in 2012. Since everyone is spending more time together this is a good time to talk about the health problems caused by cell phones and practice using speaker phone mode or air tubes.

7. Because so much of our lives revolves around electronics and connectivity, spend an evening as a family investigating safe, healthy ways to use cell phones and electronics. Watch the film “Generation Zapped” together and/or spend time at the Environmental Health Trust website learning how to make schools, offices, and our homes safer,

8. Buy an EMF meter and discover the environmental impacts inside your home and those from outdoors, which could be wholly unexpected. Two meters that are highly rated by professionals in this field of EMF safety are the Trifield TF2 and Cornet ED88T Plus EMF/RF. Both are less than $200. Once you start become aware of this pollutant affecting us 24/7, you’ll be measuring your exposure wherever you go.
For EMF shielding products I trust which has been providing electromagnetic field meters and shielding for industry, home, and offices since 1996.

These tips are a very good start to shifting behavior with our electronics and becoming aware of its effects in our schools, work places, and home. EMF is a factor in weakening our immunity and making us susceptible to viral disease and all manner of physical and mental health problems. A free ebook “Protect Your Family from Electrosmog & Still Stay Connected” is available on my website,

Have a healthier, safer homestay during this COVID19 quarantine!

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