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Remember kitchen remedies for common ailments

My kitchen remedies for common ailments. We’re all creatures of habit. We naturally continue to do what we’ve always done–unless we shake off our “this is how it is” mantle of thinking or “it is what it is”– the expression I love to hate. If our usual treatment for a bruise or cut or any minor injury or affliction is Over the Counter (OTC) pills and ointments in the medicine cabinet, that’s where we turn for relief, the chemical concoctions.

My medicine cabinet has no OTC treatments–okay, there is an antihistamine for severe allergy onslaughts–but, instead, it is filled with Homeopathic remedies, single remedies and compounds and Chinese herbal formulas. And my daughter’s medicine cabinet has even more remedies than mine to treat the toddler and the pet cat.

Last week we were away from home and needed treatment for Laura’s heartburn. The family’s go-to treatment for indigestion and heartburn is carbo vegetabalis, which is vegetables that have been charcoaled. Since homeopathic remedies are sublingual, they go directly into the blood stream, and relief from symptoms is in a few minutes. That is, if you’ve chosen the best remedy; if you haven’t, it won’t harm you, which can’t be said of pharmaceutical meds, but relief isn’t as complete.

Anyway, we’re away from home and don’t have carbo with us, neither her supply nor mine. If we were in Europe, a former British colony, or any of many countries, we could go into any pharmacy and get homeopathic remedies. Cambodia is none of the above. We were in Siem Reap visiting Angkor Wat and surrounding temples. One pharmacist offered only one natural product but no homeopathic remedies.

What we should have purchased in the pharmacy was bicarbonate of soda or baking soda. This is the simplest remedy for occasional indigestion. The one that was the go-to remedy before we were brainwashed to believe only drugs could make us well. But I forgot that solution in my focus on homeopathy. Creatures of habit…

Laura kept her head elevated all night. Here are other simple kitchen remedies for occasional indigestion—lie only on your left side, use ½ tsp of baking soda in a small glass of water and sip slowly, chew fennel and anise seeds (given at the end of Indian meals) or make a tea of fennel, anise, chamomile, ginger, or peppermint.

To help prevent indigestion and heartburn, pay attention to what causes it for you. Could be spicy foods or highly acidic (tomato-based). Laura has given up pineapple juice for awhile. But—always—don’t eat within three hours of going to bed, and chew your food slowly and thoroughly. That’s how it’s enjoyed anyway!



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