Read about EMF – Electro Magnetic Radiations – Causes, Symptoms and Cures. – Urgent

Global Leader in Blue Light Protection

“WMB is the sole distributor in the EMF sphere”

20+ years of research

100+ present in Government Institutions

600,000+ screens using Reticare

Some 86% of employees work on a computer most of the day. And that same percentage of Americans started their day by checking their cell phones.

Protect Your Precious Eyesight!

It has been proven in 20 years of research. Light from screens can generate headaches, eye strain, eye pain, photophobia, dry eyes, and death of Retina cells.

Prevention is the only solution. Neurons that die will not recover—Vision loss is progressive, cumulative, and it is permanent.

SIZES: If you do not find a protector with the specific size for your device, you can choose the most approximate and cut it to the size you need

PLEASE NOTE: We currently only ship products to USA mainland plus Hawaii, Alaska and Canada. We cannot take orders for countries and zones outside of these areas.

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