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U. S. Health System

Why Natural Healing

News media reports of the usefulness or safety of nutritional supplements have become almost routine in the U.S. When one considers the vested financial interest of the media in advertising by the pharmaceutical industry, these reports are dubious at the onset. In this website you’ll learn how to select a supplement and determine whether it’s working for you—and it only matters that it’s working for you!

How Drugs Work

Allopathic medicine (pharmaceuticals) has a biphasic effect on the body, meaning that it works in two phases. In phase one the drug works on the body, biochemically blocking the substances that cause the symptoms; in phase two (after about two weeks) the body’s biochemistry counteracts the drug. In other words, antihistamine drugs will provide you with temporary relief but will stimulate your body to produce more histamine in the long run.

Research & Regulation

Editors of the New England Journal of Medicine (September 1998) and Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)(November 1998) have both proclaimed that there cannot be two kinds of medicine–conventional and alternative, that there is only medicine that has been adequately tested and medicine that has not been tested. The imminent physicians argue, in effect, that only orthodox medicine has been tested and proven effective.

Impact on Healthcare

In any written or oral discussion of natural healing treatments, the mantra repeatedly echoed is, “But it’s not scientifically proven.” Yet, time after time individuals report their health condition improved or healed through use of one or another Natural Healing treatment. So the question is, What is the Scientific Method?

Flaws in the Scientific Method

The testing process as presented by the FDA was designed with the safety and protection of the population intended. However, this “scientific method” is fraught with human errors and interests, and the FDA, along with the pharmaceutical corporations and the AMA, should not have a monopoly in determining what is a scientific methodology for testing medicines or healing therapies–in the interest of the public’s health as we’ll see.

Other Nations’ Options

The U.S. is the only country in the industrialized world that does not guarantee minimum health care to every single citizen. We spend far more per capita than any other nation, approaching twice the percentage of Gross National Product than France and Canada, which are in second place in costs, U.S. 14.6% to their 8%, and they have universal health care. And we are the only nation that actively excludes natural medicine. In measurement of the nations’ healthcare statistics, we don’t fare well-25th in infant mortality, 15th in overall healthcare according to comparative studies by the World Health Organization

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